Welcome to the Lutheran-Protestant Church in Esslingen

The Lutheran-Protestant Church in Esslingen is part of the Protestant Church in Württemberg (Württembergische Landeskirche) as well as part of the worldwide Church of Christ.

 The church district of Esslingen (Deanery), located on both sides of the river Neckar, comprises 22 parishes with about 58,000 members, 38 ministers and 12 deacons.

Esslingen is a centre of social welfare services including social work, youth work and church music, which is supported by employees and many volunteers. All of our work ist financed by the national church tax and donations. 

Esslingen has been a historical centre of Christianity in our region since the 7th and 8th century. The foundation of a very-small church bulding dating back to this time can be seen in the excavations beneath the present church of St. Dionysius with its twin towers, situated in the historic towncentre of Esslingen.

In medieval times, Esslingen was a centre of trade (with wine-growing playing a major role) and pilgrimage to St. Dionysius church. Wealthy merchants and monasterial culture had a strong impact on urban life.

 Esslingen became a free imperial city (Freie Reichstadt) in the 12th century and turned protestant in 1531. The reformation was introduced by Ambrosius Blarer and some years later the town council adopted the Lutheran Confession with the four „sola“: God’s word, Jesus Christ, Grace and Faith. 

In our parishes we ask how God’s word can be preached authentically in contemporary language. We seek communion not only with other protestant churches in Europe and globally, but also with catholic and orthodox churches. We are working towards a more ecumenical relation and unity amongst our churches in order to proclaim the Gospel in unison. 

Text: Christoph Bäuerle, Pfarrer der Stadtkirchengemeinde Esslingen